Lemon Water Diet – Does It REALLY Work?

Lemon Water Diet – What is it?

lemon water diet

The lemon water diet is basically a detoxing diet that relies upon drinking only lemon water for a period of time. Lemon water is great because it not online helps you lose weight fast and cleanse your colon and liver out, but it also does many other positive things.

Lemon water also promotes clear skin. Also, lemon water is great for balancing your pH levels in your body – which helps equate to a better bill of health. They say that all illness stems from acidic pH levels and having a balanced pH will allow for positive health.

Lemon water also freshens your breath and can help get rid of tooth aches! Quite the miraculous concoction for sure!

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Lemon Water Diet – How Does It Work?

The Lemon Water Diet works by cleansing your liver and colon of all the toxins that are blocking it. The lemon water helps support digestion and also improves your immune system.

The reason why you lose weight so fast is because when you detox – you rid your body of all the toxins and decrease calorie intake at the same time.

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Lemon Water Diet – Why Does It Work?

The Lemon Water Diet works because it detoxes your body. This leaves your body with a clean slate and digestive tract that shrinks in size and helps get rid of that fat as well because you are not constantly eating all the time. You give your digestive system a break. That break awards you with some nice weight loss!

Check out this cool lemon water diet video!

Tim lost over 50 pounds on the lemon water diet! Watch!

Do you want to know how AMAZING it is to detoxify your body and cleanse? So AMAZING that even Beyonce was quoted on Oprah to have used the Master Cleanse to drop 20 pounds before her role in “Dream Girls” the movie!

Lemonade cleansing will help you develop:

  • A strong sense of self
  • Control over your own will power
  • Confidence and strength
  • An understanding of hunger
  • The ability to say “no” to all junk foods
  • The power to control your weight and the way you look

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Does the lemon water diet really work? This blog is dedicated to teaching you everything there is to know about the lemon water diet and whether or not it is right for you!

If you are looking to lose weight, balance your ph level and to feel WAY better, then you are absolutely going to LOVE the lemon water diet!

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